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Caber Toss. The caber is a 90 to 150-pound log, 16' to 20' in length, that is tossed end-over-end. A perfect throw will land at the 12 o'clock position, straight away from the athlete that released it. Check out the video for the proper technique.

Weights For Distance. Two weights are generally thrown, the 56lb. weight and the 28lb. weight. The overall length of these weights cannot exceed 18 inches and the athlete throws them from within a box that is 9ft. long and 4ft. wide. The weights are also thrown from behind a trig or toe-board that the athlete cannot step on or over.


Scottish Hammers. Two Hammers are traditionally thrown in the Heavy Events, a 16lb. hammer (same as the modern Olympic hammer in weight) and a 22lb. hammer. These events are the ancient ancestors of the modern Olympic hammer throw. Scottish Hammers have a rattan handle and are thrown from a stationary position behind a trig that cannot be stepped on or over.

Open/Braemar Stones. The Open/Braemar Stones are the ancient ancestors of the modern-day shotput. The Open Stone weighs 16lbs. and is thrown with an approach much resembling modern shotput techniques. The Braemar Stone is a heavier stone generally weighing between 19-28 lbs. and is the most ancient form of this event. The stone must be put from a standing position. Reversing the feet after the release is allowed.


Sheaf Toss. A modern, American addition to the Traditional Events. An event usually reserved for Farm Festivals in Scotland, the Sheaf Toss has found a home among the Traditional Heavy Events and like the Caber is unique to the Heavy Events. In the Sheaf Toss the athlete uses a 2 or 3 tined pitch fork to throw a 16 or 20 lb. bag over a bar. The athlete gets three chances at each height and is eliminated after missing all three chances at any given height.

Weight For Height. The Weight for Height, or Weight Over Bar as it is sometimes referred to is contested with either a 56, 42, or 28lb. weight depending on the age and gender of the competitor. In this event the objective is to get the weight over a bar for height. Like the Sheaf each competitor is given three chances at each height until he or she misses three consecutive times and then they are eliminated.


Exhibition events!


Axe Throw. The battle axes used in the modern competition are frequently replicas of the type issued to the 78th Frasers Highlanders. The axe is light enough to be used with one hand and is thrown at increasing distances towards a target. The winner is the individual whose axe, thrown from the greatest distance, strikes blade first in the target centre. This is an exhibition event for the 2023 Games and is not part of the Highland Games Championship.

Battle Stick. The Battle Stick is a heavily padded pole-like training weapon used since the early 1940s by military personnel in training for rifle and bayonet combat. The Battle Stick is similar to a quarterstaff or Japanese Bo. It was initially adopted by the United States Marine Corps but was later included in United States Army combat training as well. This is an exhibition event for the 2023 Games and is not part of the Highland Games Championship.


Keg Toss. Inspired by the similarities of the Caber Toss, which is one of the favorite events within the Highland Games. Based on the idea of a weight-for-height competition, the Keg Toss relies on pure power to succeed. Competing Strongmen have to throw kegs over a wall, clearing it in one throw. This is an exhibition event and will return for the 2024 Games.

Exciting Displays!

Dragon Wings Falconry and Avian Encounters are looking forward to attending the Highland Games Event at Harpers Ferry this year!  We are bringing our wonderful Birds of Prey to display and will be answering questions, talking about Raptors, Falconry and the individual birds to those who are curious and interested.  Bring your cameras for photo opportunities, it is not often you will have the opportunity to see these special birds up close!  We are excited to meet you!


The birds in our educational program who will be at the Highland Games are:  Myth the Eurasian Eagle Owl (Largest species of Owl in the world!), Mystery, Russell and/or Omen the African Pied Crows, Pagan the Peregrine Falcon (Fastest living creature in the world!), Nemesis the Redtailed Hawk, Toothless the Black Peregrine/Gyr falcon hybrid, Dragon the Aplomado Falcon (the most beautiful species of falcon), Pixel and Yeti the incredibly cute baby Screech Owls, Ollie the Barn Owl, and Anakin and Yammy the American Kestrels.

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Shows with demos and fables, hand forged to entertain!

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